Sectional Collection -Meet FFABB's Coasty Slim and Family

Sectional Collection -Meet FFABB's Coasty Slim and Family


This clean lined contemporary sofa is modular and adaptable. The Coasty Slim was one of the first collections we launched last year, designed with one depth and three cushion padding options, this customizable sectional line offers over 17 combinations using its 11 Components. Spend some time checking out the individual pieces to build the design that works best for your space! And don’t worry if it seems too overwhelming, there are pre-assembled options as well, Coasty Slim Bay Sectional, Coasty Slim Lagoon and Coasty Slim Cove Sectional.



Q: What inspired the Coasty Slim collection and its large selection?

Family and friends of course. A big crash pad for life, a place to be comforted, movie nights, visiting, snoozing you name it. We all sit on a sofa differently and our very own Celina is in constant study of this fact. She wanted a sectional where there was a seat for everyone. For the proper upright sitters and the corner snuggles, this couch has a seat for all! 

 The Coasty Slim standard depth (not including the large wedge shaped unit = The Angler) is what we refer to as the most comfortable depth for folks that need proper back support. It puts you in an upright sitting position without needing a toss pillow to fill the small of your back. This set is also great for tight spaces and apartment living with its 36” overall depth. It is truly a comfy classic that will fit anywhere. Who says you have to sacrifice comfort and good looks when you’re short on space? We certainly didn’t think so and we’re so happy that the Coasty Slim offers the same level despite a slimmer frame than larger sectionals. For those of you with larger living spaces, there is a big sister collection, the Coasty, as well. It’s 38” footprint gives plenty of sitting depth for the tall folks, with plenty of room to pile on toss pillows and to sit with your feet tucked up on the couch. And if the Coasty isn't deep enough and you are looking for a Lux depth of 46", we have the Granddaddy of the Family the Coasty Extra. 

Coasty Extra

As Shown :Coasty Extra Sectional / Padding option Feather / Fabric Wool Like-Aloy

Q: If you had to pick one feature in the design of this collection to set it apart from other product lines, what would it be?

Definitely the Angler component which is available only for the Coasty Slim not the Coasty as making this piece any deeper would compromise the integrity of the spring suspension. This component has a few functions :

1 ) It makes for a big deep corner to cozy up in.

2 ) Works nicely in a room with angled walls or bay windows.

3) Breaks up the look of a typical box shaped sectional.

For those of you who love to know the details, this collection is built using sinuous spring suspension, top quality rebound foam on the body and cushions, supported with a webbed back and finished off with heavy duty clips to secure cushions to frame. We can go on for days about the feature we love about Coasty slim beyond being modular and adaptable.

As Shown :Coasty Slim Lagoon Medium / Foam and Feather padding option / Fabric: Heavy weave-Stone Blend


Q: We asked Celina if she were purchasing the Coasty Slim for your own living room, which combination or components would she want?

I suppose it would all depend on the space I had available. In a big great room the Bay for sure. It is so welcoming like a sofa with a hug in it U-Shape. Lovely facing a fireplace. T.V Room definitely calls for the full Cove with the Angler being at a prime movie viewing location facing head on. 

As Shown :Coasty Slim Bay Sectional -Small /Foam Option / Fabric option 2 tone Chenille and Faux Mohair Peacock


As shown:Coasty Slim - Lakeside sectional / Foam padding option / Wool like-Pebble


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