Meet FFABB’s COCO Channel

Meet FFABB’s COCO Channel

The Coco Swivel chair and Coco Classic chair is the perfect new product to showcase of the width and breadth of FFABB home's design. Where Traditional, Classic, Modern and Contemporary design all live happily in harmony with the right selection of fabric. We have always had a love and taste for Luxury and Classic design and are so thrilled to be able to introduce a lounging chair to the FFABB home collection that combines these two styles.  
          Coco Chair and swivel chair collection ffabb home
Q: What inspired the design? 

Our background in traditional upholstery methods gave us an appreciation for the curvature of channel back chairs. When thinking about and planning the chair’s concept, we wanted to infuse the traditional look in a more contemporary style designed with modern legs and a carefully padded backrest that would not to accentuate the channels too much...just right.

We love the mix of old and new and this piece feels like a comfortable merriment, as it has design features which are a little in the middle.

Many of our new products come from listening to our clients feedback and what they are asking for. With our West Coast views - The swivel chair version allows you to face the room when there is company but at the same time to easily swing around to take in scenic view while enjoying your morning coffee! 

          coco chair ffabb home tub chair

Q:What are your favorite features of the Coco Chair? 

1) It’s comfort. The ability to provide nice lower back support with a natural hug from the tub shape of this chair whilst it still has a generous seat space that has enough room for you to curl up a leg and snuggle in. This is definitely an everyday chair that you can really sink into and make your own. 

2) I love both base options myself, but the Coco Chair with the waterfall skirt is always a favorite for my. It's definitely more challenging and labor intensive than a standard skirt on the production end of things but I think the outcome is worth the effort. I love to see the fabric fall straight down the back of a piece rather than having a separated skirt section.

We are also seeing a lot of black steel legs in trend right now stemming from the popularity of Industrial interior design. They look refined and elegant with whatever wood or metals you have in a living room, it’s an easy look to incorporate through a mixture of decor, lighting and furniture. We were imagining a very traditional turned leg or a tapered block but as the prototype came to life, the metal version was definitely our favorite choice for today’s design landscape. 


Q: Are there any other differences between the two chairs other than them being stationary or swivel?

Yes, The swivel version is lower slung, more of a lounging feel to get cozy in the family room whereas the legged version has a more standard seat height, great for anyone needing a little extra help to get in and out of, or liking an upright seat in their lounge chairs. Despite a slight difference in seat heights, they are both very comfortable in their own ways and are great addition in a variety of living rooms. 

coco chair

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