FFABB At Home  | Co-founder interview series | Meet Celina

FFABB At Home | Co-founder interview series | Meet Celina

Q: Who or What has shaped who you are? 

A: My Mom is an upholster and both of my parents were entrepreneurs so I have definitely picked up their spirit and work ethics. I as most are, is a product of my surroundings. There have been so many family members, friends and colleagues that I have absorbed knowledge, help and love from over the years, that it has definitely informed who I am today. I believe we are always changing and evolving though there is no end point.

Q: What matters most to you as you think about FFABB?

A: Of course I will always care about quality, craft and the products we are putting onto the planet but I have a strong pull towards the heartbeat. Making furniture is something I know how to do well and it is a catalyst to be able to make people happy in the place they call home. 

Q: What would your best friend say they like least about you? 

A: I work too much and am terrible at replying to text messages! 

Q: What are your top two favorite work memories?

A: 1) The whole “Project Get This Chair to Lady Gaga” was an absolute blast and a feel good story, even if the mission didn't have the outcome I had hoped for initially. It ended up being so much more. The trip to London to Meet Ray Brown Designs because of it is a definite mention. 

Project Get This Chair to Lady Gaga, custom chair designed for Lady Gaga by Fabulous Furnishings

2) I used to create staff music videos, film and edit them just for fun. Nothing makes our Christmas staff parties more fun than watching them on a slide show. I have oldies where Najeeb and I look like babies in our early 20’s that we get a kick out of. 

Q: In an ideal world, where money isn’t an issue, what do you see yourself doing?

A: That would be wonderful! I would definitely be sharing my resources but what excites me the most is Real Estate, Building/Renovating Dwellings and helping Small Businesses grow.


Q: What is a lesson you learned from the process of creating FFABB that you still use?

A: You will know your path by the fun of it. It is the compass of my decision making and was a big component in creating FFABB. 

Q: Would you rather be rich or would you rather be a king? 

A: A queen of course! No but honestly just Rich in Love and Laughter which I already am and I am a happy person. 

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