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Q. Which of your fabrics are pet friendly?

We have a good grouping of fabrics that are definitely pet friendly, not pet proof. I wish I could say there was something more than friendly but we have seen cats and dogs destruct the most durable of fabrics over the years of re-upholstery. Here are some tips for you when looking for the right fabric and have a pet.

1) Look for a tightly woven fabric (threads as close as possible weaving in each direction) with a backing that helps hold it all together. When we are testing a fabric for pet claws we use a safety pin or fork to drag along the sample to see if any pulls occur on the surface. Some fabrics can have the snags massaged back in or poked back with a pin. It is a good idea to test this out.

2) For those wanting to keep things natural, be aware that pure cotton and linen fibers are generally more absorbent than synthetic fibers so will hold onto stains and odor, but can be cleaned or treated with a finish. (We like to recommend ....) However a natural fibre that is naturally stain resistant is wool. Think of a sheep out in the Scottish Hills in the pouring rain, you can still see that white coat underneath all the mud. Stains tend to bead on top of wool fibres, allowing you time to blot them up before it sets. Look to see if the fabric has a stain treatment and test pouring a liquid on the surface to see what happens.

3) Can the fabric be spot treated? When you have the swatch at home put it through the tests with spills and see what happens. Does it blot out? if I clean it with water and a clear hand soap does it leave a water ring or change the surface appearance.

4) Don't solely depend on the Double Rub Counts. Do your own testing.we often tell our clients to rub a sock on the surface in a circle to see how the fibers react.
What is a double rub you ask!? A double-rub is a testing method that uses a special machine that passes a testing pad back and forth over the fabric until it is worn out. Each back and forth pass is known as a double-rub.

Winter the Shiba Inu perched comfortably on FFABBric Option Wool Like / Alloy

Testing testing is what we did when building the FFABBric collection here. Each of our fabrics went through a series of tests and we know each of them in and out. Our furniture is built to last so wanted to be sure the fabric we were offering our goods in would perform the same way.

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Hope this was helpful!

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