Mallo Chair Product Drop

Mallo Chair Product Drop

Beautiful and bubbly, the Mallo chair exudes fun and personality with just the right amount of sophistication. It's tailored upholstery, and voluptuous curves that just feel like a great big hug. Every inch of the generous Mallo chair is crafted for beauty and comfort.

We ask the lead designer Celina Dalrymple some questions about the creation of this new piece.

What was your inspiration for this chair?

Cozy//Comfort. I knew that I had wanted to add a swivel chair to the FFABB Home collection that was generous in size, juicy padded curves and was a little more modern that the other chairs in the family. We began by altering the frame of our Coco chair which I loved the sit of. I envisioned it with a higher back so that you could really be supported sitting for a long period of time so gave it some extra height. The gentle sloped arms were carefully set back from the front edge right where your hand would naturally want to fall with. Between the arms I wanted enough room to allow you to snuggle into a corner with room for a pillow and drape your legs across the seats corners. 

mallo chair swivel ffabb

                                      mallo chair in shearling darling ffabb home vancouver

Seen here in FFABBric option : Shearling Darling with Brent Comber's T-Cup table

Tell us about the development process. 

My favorite part of my job at ffabb is in the product development stage. I start with an idea, a rough sketch and good frame. We then let the design unfold as we play with different padding and seam details. The original concept was much more modern with knife edge arms but as we padded the chair I felt it needed the flat top edge to rest your arm comfortably. The border around the top was added as well as the bottom base to balance the weight from the bubbly seat.                                

mallo swivel chair ffabb shear happiness

Tell us about what is inside this piece? 

This piece is layered for ultimate comfort. From the sinuous spring suspension on both the seat and back, to the natural, cushy and breathable Latex foam. This chair is made to last for life not just this season. 

    mallow chair in sheer happiness     mallo chair swivel made in canada     mallo chair ffabb   

Seen here in FFABBric option: Sheer Happiness 

Where did the name Mallo come from?

As you may have noticed we like to have fun with words. This chair was nearly named the Bumbo Chair but once it was complete it felt like sitting on a marshmallow so because of that we called in Mallo for short!  

mallo chair pebble wool  ffabb

Seen here in FFABBric option Wool//Pebble mallo chair ffabb 

     ffabb mallo chair wool 

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