Wall Panel Collection - Meet FFABB's Hansem Wall Panels

Wall Panel Collection - Meet FFABB's Hansem Wall Panels

Part traditional, part today, the Hansem Herringbone is a grand statement in the bedroom! 

The Hansem collection can scale for a variety of wall sizes and their versatility allows you to place them in whatever space you want to make an impact. Great for adding texture and sound absorption to any room.

Q: What inspired the Hansem wall panels collection and its large selection?

Walls panels have become growingly popular in the design world over the last decade. Typically having custom wall panels or upholstered walls is a very expensive and an intimidating project to take on. These are designed to be easy to install yourself, by your favourite handy person or contractor at an accessible price point.  

Our thinking behind the panels is that you could simply instal the panels first, then build millwork or mirror panels around them should you choose to. Our panels come 90” h to accommodate a standard 8’ ceiling with a little wiggle room. For the floor to ceiling look, install the wall panels up to the ceiling, push your bed in front and no one will know it doesn't touch the floor but you! Install first and get creative around as you please.

Would you ever believe that something as dazzling as custom wall panels could come with assembly instructions and a detailed instruction kit that you could install on your own? Well this does, the 4 lightweight backer boards attach to the wall and the upholstered panels and you (drum roll please) simply clip into place. It’s easy to remove for cleaning, reupholstery and for later on, you have the option to take them with you when you move. 

Q: If you had to pick one feature in the design of this collection to set it apart from other product lines, what would it be?


We love this collection because these panels offer a very high end and custom look with approachable prices. They add such texture to a flat wall while taking up minimal space in a room. 

Depending on the fabric selection, these shape Hansem panels can also scale for a variety of wall sizes beyond a bedroom. They can run up to the ceiling for use in a theatre / entertainment room or as sound absorbing design panels in any room.  See our installation video coming soon for ideas on how to transform different room types using these panels!

Q: We asked Celina if she was purchasing the Hansem Panels for her own dream home, which room would it be for and why?

I would definitely go for a glam statement in a master bedroom. I have seen them in both rich and soft light neutrals and they look impressive in both. The foam contour on each individual panel is so textural and touchable. 

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