Tuxxy Modular Collection Drop

Tuxxy Modular Collection Drop

The New Tuxxy collection, sophisticated in style with a casual comfort perfectly suited for large open spaces. It boasts a Luxe 46" overall depth and plenty of sitting space for the whole family. In 45 different modular components, the Tuxxy is one of FFABB's most versatile furniture collections to date.  

We sat down for a Q&A  with our lead designer and mama of FFABB Celina Dalrymple and here is what she had to say about the newest addition to the FFABB fam!

What inspired the design?

More more more, families coming together, movie nights, cozy lounging. Unlike the other sectional collections I wanted to add in a piece that really felt big and bossy. Wide tuxedo arms and back to rest your drink or sit, casual yet supportive cushions, low base: Italian design meets West Coast open concept living. Made right here in Vancouver, Canada with quality ingredients.

Clean and simple styling with the perfect mix of tailored body and relaxed feather cushions. An aesthetic that fits into any decor based on how it is dressed and layered with toss pillows. The crescent ottoman (sold separately) adds a little curvy softness to the collection’s square lines. In a large, modern open concept space, moving the crescent to the side of the arm or to the back of the couch adds an interesting look as well as a practical perch. 

The Sectional was really designed for TV lounging and family rooms. In its largest sectional configuration, I think of it as a bit of a playpen or island. Plenty of room to nap and fully stretch out, build forts and live. The sitting depth is 28" and removing the feather back cushions gives a full 35" lay down depth.

We have an additional sofa with T-Cushion on the front edge and a slopping arm at an overall 41" depth. in a more standardized depth suitable for most homes with a commonly appealing 23" sitting depth. The arms are set back for design interest making it less heavy looking from the side, as well as a slope to the inside arm for resting against with a pillow. 

Where did the name TUXXY come from?

We love a good play on words! Tuxxy comes from the term Tuxedo back sofa which I have always loved so much. First made popular back in 1920's named after the Tuxedo Park in New York, the style refers to the back and arm of the sofa set at the same height. There is a carefully thought out proportion required as the arm/back needs to be just right. Not too low where the back pillow hinges + folds over and that the arm is not too high to rest comfortably.

We think we got it jusstttt right ;)

What are the available options in this collection?

Sizes & Customisation :

 46" deep + 21 components , 41" deep : 1 sofa  

With a variety of size options, the Tuxxy Modular Sectional collection can be mixed and matched so that you can build your sectional your way!  Limited customizations are available including overall widths and pillow configuration. Not all of our components are online so inquire for pricing on anything not yet listed out as a product.

Padding : This collection comes standard with a Latex foam seat inside a feather pouch and solid fill feather back cushions as it is what I feel is the most comfortable option for this collection in its use.

Legs : Available in your choice of a fabric wrapped base or as an up charge espresso stained hardwood or white oak base. 

Fabric : Best suited for a soft texture, performance fabric or a thick linen. See our swatch order page to get inspired. 



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