FFABB At Home | This is our Story

FFABB At Home | This is our Story

 That thrill of seeing your dream turning into a reality is like no other. It’s hard to believe that year one is done and dusted in the books!



Why We Started This. 

We may only be turning one this year but the hearts behind this family business bring over 20 years of experience to the table. The experience of building high-end custom furniture and breathing new life into old furniture bones established during our time invested in our sister company Fabulous shapes all of what we are doing today. FFABB first emerged in 2018 out of frustration at the changing furniture industry due to the trend of disposable, “fast furniture” seemingly consuming all markets. When the majority of our requests started to become repairs of cushions, broken parts and pilling fabrics, we knew there was a serious problem in our industry.

Canadian made online local custom furniture store  We believe the world needs better furniture – not more furniture, nor fast furnitureCanadian made online local custom furniture store


The quality of mid-range furniture for the most part had dropped so far down that in today’s market, it is cheap, mass-produced and low quality because it’s being designed to be disposable. Remember grandmother’s furniture, you know that she loved to tell you the story of how it was passed down generations until it landed in her home? The one you, your siblings and probably your parents, jumped and climbed all over to the point that you would actually feel a little sorry for it?

Well we can bet that the mid-priced modern sets from today won’t be making it to the second half of this decade, let alone be passed down any family line.

That’s because most materials used today in mass manufacturing are generally low grade, and just downright flimsy. Don’t even get us started on the environmental impacts of these toxic dyes and chemicals that make these end products non-recyclable, not biodegradable and count for a large portion of the world landfills. 

For those who are trying to source the quality of furniture from the past in new forms are finding themselves having to purchase further afield from high end European designers at the cost of a down payment with wait times extending as long as 6-9 months. Seeing such two extremes as the quality options for today’s furniture consumers made the FFABB team want to do something about it. 


You might stop and ask yourself “But why does it really matter? It's just furniture that I can replace in a couple of years.” And that’s a valid reaction, but stop and think about the places that we furnish with these pieces. Our homes, our offices and our businesses which, for the majority of us, are environments 

 that we spend countless hours in every day to the point where they shape our identities. After all, “home is where the heart is” didn’t come out of thin air. We understand our pieces are still an investment but one worth making. An alternative so that you can fill these important spaces with furniture pieces your loved ones will never want to get up from. 

Canadian made online local custom furniture store  Life happens on our furnitureCanadian made online local custom furniture store


When FFABB was established in 2018, for a year and a half our small but mighty team poured our heart and soul into building furniture collections, a business model and brand that would change the consumers experience. 

The name FFABB was chosen from a ‘shortlist’ of 75 names with our Marketing guru. 

We ended up sticking to our roots...fab short for Fabulous. After all, the original company is still very much close to our hearts. The architectural balance of the letters, the two f’s and two b’s, we see them as a smile or a dancing musical note that creates happy vibes. 

We spent a long time exploring the different methods of furniture building before we proceeded with any of the other parts. We had the advantage of years of reupholstery behind us so we knew what wood joinery, foam, and suspension held its stability.

We knew that we needed to be able to offer products at a more accessible price point (in this already expensive world we live in) than our bespoke one off pieces via Fabulous Furnishings. We also knew from the start that sacrificing quality for cost would never be an option for us. We wanted to merge art and technology while keeping our hands on every piece. Being perfectionists by nature, we loved the idea of each piece being made the EXACT same way every time, so invested in machinery that cuts the components for the frames that interlock like puzzle pieces, and a large Laser fabric cutter. All sculptural elements of furniture are left to do by hand, as the hand knows best. We will dive into each stage in future blogs so stay tuned! 

How We Do It.

To quote Webster: A prototype by definition is an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from.

From our furniture building background we pulled information of what made a great piece, listened to what folks were asking for then designed our first batch of products.  To round off this process we built and upholstered the full scale prototypes for testing.  We felt it important to never use rendered drawings of what a piece might look like on our sales website. As we are primarily an online sales platform, we wanted our consumers to know that what they see online is what will arrive to their homes. It feels like the most honest and true approach. Each of our collections embody 20 years of engaging with custom furniture customers, studying, refining, tweaking, sketching, designing, sourcing, and then making and testing. Our products are built on know-how, and our desire to continue to learn and evolve to push the quality of our craft. This approach produces furnishings that last, feel comfortable, and look great. The greatest learning that came out of that process was that nothing makes us more happy than making people happy. 

Canadian made online local custom furniture store HEART IN HAND // Every piece produced in our shop is done with care, attention and a smile, it goes straight from our home into yoursCanadian made online local custom furniture store .   Local online furniture based in North Vancouver building great canadian furniture   


Cultivating happiness is a key personality trait of every heart behind FFABB, from production to customer service, our team shines brightest when we know we’re making our clients happy with their purchase. That’s because we know that life happens on our furniture, it goes into homes, spaces for making memories so we focus on building furniture to make places for where family happens. We are a family building furniture for as many families as we can. Creating a space for making memories, we create furniture to make places for where family happens. 


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Congratulations Celina! The work that you did for me over 15 years ago still looks fabulous! I am very happy to hear about your furniture manufacturing company. I wish you every success. When I need more work or furniture your company will be my first call.

Toni Massey

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