What community means to us

What community means to us

Sometimes change can be bittersweet, it catches you off guard and it isn’t always welcomed. Across the globe, change has been at the forefront of all of our thoughts, some received it on a scale so big they never could have imagined possible and others have had varying experiences. Regardless though, every industry has felt the impact of Covid and furniture businesses were no exception. 

A Strong sense of community is going to be the cornerstone to stimulate local economies and help keep jobs.

As the economic impacts of the pandemic became apparent over the last few months, today we want to focus on one trend that it has ignited which we hope continues to grow. A desire for clients to prioritize reaching out to support local businesses. People have all felt the impacts, but, they haven’t forgotten about the entrepreneurs in their communities. Those who can, have spoken up, they’ve asked “What can we do to help? Who are the local businesses making the products I need that I can do my part in supporting?”  A strong sense of community is going to be the cornerstone to stimulate local economies and help keep jobs. Being there for our businesses to help them keep the lights going during a period of great uncertainty is in all of our best interests because they employ us, our family, friends and neighbors. Countless households rely on our local businesses for jobs and they need our support now more than ever.

Choose Canadian Made

#ShopLocal #Shopsmallbusiness

We’ve always felt that our amazing community, the friendly faces here in North Vancouver and across our beautiful province have been proud supporters of Canadian made products. Knowing that they've stood behind us from the days of Fabulous and as we developed FFABB

has been a big motivation to produce quality collections that they will love. Since the Spring that trend has amplified and we’re so excited to be hearing from new faces who want to support local artisans.  Our social media feeds have seen the strongest presence yet of trends such as #shoplocal and #shopsmallbusiness with users sharing posts and stories to do their part in spreading awareness of the incredible talent available right here in their communities

 Another benefit of shopping locally that can often get overlooked is the long lead-time for overseas products, which in the world of furniture, can reach upwards of 6-9 months and that was prior to any delays brought on by the pandemic. Local companies can offer shorter manufacturing timelines, FFABB products for instance typically take 6-8 weeks from placing an order. So the next time you’re taken aback by the estimated shipping time for an item you were considering for purchase, look into some local vendors and inquire what their turnaround time is, you might surprise yourself. 

This movement to focus on shopping Canadian made more has had a domino effect, it is also helping consumers to be more aware of what they are putting into their homes. One of the joys of purchasing from a local business is that youinteract with the faces behind the brand. The experience with a company is not limited to transactions in a store front and having their label on the products they take home. In some shape and form, when you purchase locally, you get to meet and learn about the team behind the item which sparks the human connection to gain perspective on why you chose that product for your home and what it is you’re bringing into your space. And when we purchase products with greater awareness and furnish with deeper intent, that is when we begin to turn homes into sanctuaries. When we remember that these are places for our families and friends to come together and make memories, areas that requires planning out how to cultivate the right environment for your household. Purchasing furniture with intent helps clients realize what their priorities are and often quality and functionality can have greater importance. Mass produced furniture doesn‘t always meet those needs as we realize that our spaces deserve better furniture that is not designed to be disposable. 

Last November we were fortunate enough to be featured in the Vancouver Sun in an article well crafted by Rebecca Keillor that speaks to the issue of disposable design and highlights some solutions local businesses were cultivating. It is definitely worth the read to learn about her insights and a few local talents.

Fable Home is a Vancouver based tableware company with a great initiative to help stop the mass consumption of tableware through artisan collections and supporting ethical business practices. They partner with amazing local charity, Mealshare, on set purchases and previously (pre COVID times) hosted events at a co-working space in Mount Pleasant Pavilion. Thank you to Vancouver Sun for putting us in such good company! 

Custom-made sectional by Vancouver-based online furniture store ffaab. Photo credit: ffaab for The Home Front: Doing away with disposable design by Rebecca Keillor [PNG Merlin Archive]

Canadian made online local custom furniture store  Celina Dalrymple has been perfecting the art of upholstery and custom-furniture production over the past 20 years as founder and owner of Vancouver’s Fabulous Furnishings and Upholstery. This month, Dalrymple launched an online furniture store, ffabb, with partner Najeeb Dawary, which offers custom furniture manufactured in their North Vancouver facility. 

A desire to make furniture that lasts a long time and stays out of the landfills is a driving motivation for them, she says.

“In re-upholstery, we’ve seen inside the guts of all types of furniture, and especially in the last several years, with the movement of the online furniture stores, we’ve seen a lot of disposable furniture and how may pieces are going to the landfill,” she says.Canadian made online local custom furniture store  

The Home Front: Doing Away with Disposable Design 
Rebecca Keillor From The Vancouver Sun
Publishing date: Nov 23, 2019


We were grateful and excited to be featured in this article because it goes to show that while mass consumption habits and the problems of disposable design are not contained to our industry alone, it's a widespread issue but at least it is one that our local community is working towards solving as a collective. Just as we spoke about previously, nothing makes us more happy than making people happy, equally true is that nothing inspires us more than watching our community partner together and work towards changes that our society needs. 

Take for example our longtime good friends, Propellor, an incredibly talented multi-disciplinary design studio who produce a wide range of products

guaranteed to take your breath away. For those of who that have been to our showroom, we proudly have some of their designs here lighting our space. Their lights were the perfect compliment to the aesthetic we were wanting for our office/ showroom space and being able to support and promote a local business checked all the boxes for us. Their team has been busy this year moving shop and have recently opened a new studio space on Granville island at 1247 Cartwright St to operate from and to help local entrepreneurs struggling to find a physical space to display products and designs. It is initiatives like this that remind us we are all in this wave of uncertainty together. The best way to make it to the other side is by remembering to always look back and help those who need it when you have the means to do so.

 Stay safe and stay sane, until next time friends! 



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