traingular pillow & ball pillow in velvet
traingular pillow & ball pillow in velvet

9" ORB: Toss Pillow

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Quality toss pillows fab up your home with tactile textures, interesting patterns, and pops of colour. Our pillows are not just decorative: we made sure they are nice and full, fluff-able, non lumping and nap ready.


Made with: luxe crushed velvet,  filled with gel inserts.

Features We Love:

    1. -Roll the ball into the small of your back for an upright sitting position and support.
    2. -The ball pillow is a comfortable addition under the elbow or feet.
    3. -The Sphere shape add soft curves to an angular architectural room.
    4. -Individually cut and sewn by hand, same fabric on both sides.
    5. -Gel fibers are a smooth fine polyester fiber that doesn't lump up, is hypo allergenic, low maintenance and has the look and feel of down cushions. 

No Harsh Chemicals or Fire Retardants


Handmade in North Vancouver, Canada


Built for YOU delivered to your door in 4-6 weeks