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Why We Started This.

Celina and Najeeb have been making high-end, custom furniture for over
20 years. Their work graces some of the finest homes on the west coast,
and looks as good today as it did on Day 1.

And that’s the seed that inspired ffabb.

Furniture that lasts. That’s as beautiful 5 years out as it was on the shop
floor. Furniture that continues to lure you over and whisper, ‘stay awhile.’

We believe the world needs better furniture – not more furniture nor ‘fast

And that’s why we started ffabb.

5 Things That Matter

1.Natural– people and products. Nothing fake here.

2.Homes not art galleries– everyday furniture, built to last.

3.Commitment to detail and making decisions that last.

4.Optimism– we believe a great piece can take (your mind) places.

5.Your comfort and peace of mind, with our products and the shopping experience.

1. How We Do It

ffabb’s collection embodies 20 years of engaging with custom furniture customers, studying, refining,tweaking, sketching, designing, sourcing, and then making and testing.

Our products are built on know-how, and our desire to continue to learn and evolve push the quality of our craft.

This approach produces furnishings that last, feel comfortable, and look great.

2. We Design, Build, Deliver & Dine Together.

We are based in beautiful North Vancouver, where the trees reach high and the mountains loom. This is where everything we do is done. Our designers work alongside our fabric folk, carpenters, upholsters, sewers, and the service team.

Lunchtime is dynamic, sometimes
rowdy. This is a family business.

3. 100% Hand-Made, Details-Driven.

We know the difference between”this is nice” and “OMG, sit down!”. Materials, construction, spring-type, testing, stitching, and the absolutely best fills (feathers to natural foams). Details matter, and the hand knows best.

4. Our Toolbox & Materials.

We start with a drawing – always – and then digitize to confirm scale & proportion. Our frames are cut with precision using a CNC router, with an interlocking wooden panel to ensure no warping, twisting or bending. Our frames are made with the highest quality domestic Birch plywood, and we always use Sinuous Spring Suspension under our cushions (versus typical webbing, used by many modern manufacturers, which fails quickly).

5. Every Bum is Unique.

We offer 3 options, versus a one-size-fits-all approach to getting cozy.

a. Rebound foam, medium density, non-fire retardant and low VOC. This is considered the standard option and the denisity we have found most folks gravitate to for a firmer feel.

b. Latex foam, a blend of natural with some synthetic for folks looking for a more natural option. Latex gives a bouncy foamy feel.

c. 80% Feather / 20% Poly pouches are available on some sofas for a softer more plush feel.

6. More Good Ingredients.

The bodies of our sofas are made with high quality, firm rebound foam (because this is just as important as the cushions). Specialty cushion clips are used to secure seat cushions into place, and all cushions have the same fabric top and bottom so they can be flipped to extend the life of your furniture. Naturally, we use non-toxic water based glues. All FFABBrics offered have been carefully selected for their durability, colour tone and aesthetic backed by years of textile experience.

7. Customer Service

Our Guest Service team knows every inch of every piece. These are important decisions, and our team is ready to help. Our showroom is open by appointment with most collection pieces available for a test drive.

Have questions? Need a swatch? Both?

Contact us at info@ffabb.com

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