FFABB At Home | Co-founder interview series | Meet Celina

Q: Who or What has shaped who you are?

A. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs and with my Mom being an upholster, I instinctively picked up the same spirit of working hard and giving it my all. The support I've been surrounded by from friends, family, and fellow professionals has guided me to find my own way which is constantly evolving. This constant change helps me keep pushing forward and developing both personally and professionally in order to succeed. With such amazing people in my life, I am very blessed to have taken on their knowledge, help, and love throughout my years. I could not be more grateful for the wonderful world that I have created for myself!

FFABB HOME Saramony sectional

Q: What matters most to you as you think about FFABB?

A. At ffabb, we strive to create a healthy and positive work environment where employees feel respected and valued. Every day brings an opportunity to share our skills and knowledge of upholstery while creating beautiful pieces that bring joy and comfort to clients. We take great pride in knowing we have created something special that will last for years, if not generations. Over time, we are passing on the knowledge of upholstery to our team with each piece created. We wholeheartedly believe in fostering personal growth personally alongside our furniture projects. At this company, not only do we want a vibrant atmosphere for our workers but also so that it reflects in the final product: beautiful furniture made with love and dedication.

Q: What would your best friend say they like least about you? 

A: I work too much and am terrible at replying to text messages! 

Q: What are your top two favorite work memories?

A: 1) The whole “Project Get This Chair to Lady Gaga” was an absolute blast and a feel good story, even if the mission didn't have the outcome I had hoped for initially. It ended up being so much more. The trip to London to Meet Ray Brown Designs because of it is a definite mention. 

2) I used to create staff music videos, film and edit them just for fun. Nothing makes our Christmas staff parties more fun than watching them on a slide show. I have oldies where Najeeb and I look like babies in our early 20’s that we get a kick out of. 

Q: In an ideal world, where money isn’t an issue, what do you see yourself doing?

A: That would be wonderful! I would definitely be sharing my resources but what excites me the most is Real Estate, Building/Renovating Dwellings and helping Small Businesses grow.

Q: What is a lesson you learned from the process of creating FFABB that you still use?

A: When I was in the process of creating FFABB, I truly understood the power of following my passion and going after what makes me feel alive and joyous. I realized that if something felt really fun and exciting - that was usually a reliable indicator to focus on that path. Now I use this lesson every day as my "compass", guiding me towards decisions and actions that make sense for me. It has been an invaluable life lesson - when something feels really good, it's most likely right for you.. and ffabb is living proof of that!

Q: Would you rather be rich or would you rather be a king? 

A: A queen of course! No but honestly just Rich in Love and Laughter which I already am and I am a happy person. 



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