Meet the Makers

ffabb makes pieces you’ll love tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. This is furniture you’ll pass down to your kids—furniture that they’ll actually want.

Celina and Najeeb started ffabb in 2018 after 20 years of seeing first-hand what not to do. Though they worked at a high-end, bespoke upholstery company (hi, Fabulous Furnishings!), they found themselves asked by clients again and again to repair poorly made “fast furniture.” Over and over, they found themselves frustrated to fix problems with shoddy construction and flimsy materials… but then, a seed of an idea. Somewhere in between high-end custom furniture and designed-to-be-disposable landfill fodder was opportunity for something better.

And so, along came ffabb. Today, in our North Vancouver studio, with a scrappy team of designers, fabric wizards, carpentry experts, skilled upholsters, nimble sewers and customer service champs, ffabb designs, builds, and delivers the very best Canadian furniture we can.

We know quality starts with construction. We know materials matter, big-time—from the best feathers to natural foams. We nerd out on spring types, test stitching obsessively, and refuse to compromise. And the result is pieces that designers and families love: pieces that withstand wear and tear and life and all its beautiful messes.

ffabb is happy to partner with trade professionals, offering a select number of custom projects each year. This includes collaborating on the initial design concept, sourcing materials, fabrication and testing.

2023 is fully booked for one-off bespoke custom designed projects. We invite inquiries from those interested in working with us in 2024.

Working in the USA?

Salon Design is ffabb's representative for all US sales and distribution. Based in Boston and New York. Salon's New York showroom opened in the of Spring 2023 and feature the ffabb furniture collection.

Salon’s passion is to bring people together - talented artists and makers, clients with inspiring ideas, statement pieces that make an impact. Salon helps bridge the gap between artistry and practicality; curating a diverse range of innovative designs from dreamers around the globe.