FFABB At Home | Co-founder interview series | Meet Najeeb

Q: Who or What has shaped who you are?

A: I end my days working out in our gym set up at the shop, so I would say I shape myself! Ha but kidding aside, I think the person who has shaped me the most is my Grandfather. My father passed away when I was 5, and from then on, I was raised by my grandfather, alongside my mother and 2 sisters in Afghanistan. My grandfather taught me so many life skills that I carry with me each and every day. He was a handyman, so I learnt how to use tools, and fix things, but more so, I learnt work ethic, patience in your craft, and wise decision making. He really shaped the man I have become today. He taught through his actions, how to be calm, and how to calm others, how to give love to people who need it, and how to share the happiness I have inside of me. One of the most important lessons I learnt from him is to never think of your own personal gain, or profit, when you are helping someone. Let it come from the heart.

Q: What matters most to you as you think about FFABB?

A: The words I think of when I think of FFABB are: Fun, Quality, Trust, Family.

We are always thinking of quality, but quality in more than just what we sell. Quality of health, relationships and life in general. It is very important for me that I feel excited to go to work and I think about it everyday when commuting in the morning. The family we have built within our team is what makes us special. We have fun everyday, and we trust each other to do our jobs at a high level, but also trust that we have each other's backs as family. 

Q: What would your best friend say they like least about you? 

A: I think they would say that I work too much.  

Q: What are your top two favourite work memories?

A: The first story that comes to mind is I think back in 2014, we decided to do a Fabulous calendar photoshoot. There was a shot of me working with no shirt on and the girls were scrambling to find a water bottle to spray on my chest to make me look oiled up for the camera. All they could find was a windex bottle that they dumped out and filled with water. We laughed so hard that day, and to this day still, I am sure all the windex wasn't out of the bottle. I thought the photo would be forgotten, but it’s still brought up by our old customers.

The second story would be the time Celina and I had a due date to have a sofa delivered to a house before a big party. We were getting down to the wire, so as it was getting carried into the van I was following behind hammering in the last of the nail head trim. We laughed the whole way to the delivery and the customers were soooo happy we made it in time. 

Q: In an ideal world, where money isn’t an issue, what do you see yourself doing?

A:  With money as no object in my life, I would be helping the poor in my community whichever way possible. I think I would start by having a building where there was a massive kitchen. Food would be prepared for whoever came in. They would eat, feel safe, and build community with one another. Obviously comfortable couches for everyone. If I'm reading the question wrong, and no one has financial issues, then I would be heading to the beaches in either Morocco, or Turkey.

Q: What is a lesson you learned from the process of creating FFABB that you still use?

A: Surrounding yourself with quality equipment and quality people will result in easier days and more fun along the way. Another thing my Grandfather taught me that when you start something, prepare the foundation correctly and that will help make every other step easier as you build up.

Q: Would you rather be rich or would you rather be a king? 

A: Definitely Rich. Being a king would mean I would be a politician, and for that I have no desire. Being rich means I could help share the wealth, and help others.

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